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I have been taking classes with Blythe since I was a student athlete for UNM 10 years ago. These classes helped me stay injury free and I was able to reach my full potential and earned all American honors in downhill skiing.


Now 10 years later I am a firefighter for Albuquerque fire rescue. A typical day at work would be a mix of EMS calls, structure fires or wild land fires. Before I started taking Function Follows Form I had been experiencing low back pain and tight hips due to the demands of work.


After my first class with Blythe I remember feeling immediate relief in my lower back and just overall my body felt so much more mobile and it was just the start of my day. However, I think one of the more beautiful aspects of Blythe’s teaching is that it keeps you in the present state of mind.


For one hour of my day my mind is not stressing about what kind of 911 call I will be responding too but instead it is focused on breath and movement. Thank you Blythe for not only making my body feel better but for also giving me that stress free state of mind to start my day.  




 Albuquerque, NM 

Blythe Kanis is that rare Pilates teacher who combines the knowledge and insight of an experienced exercise physiologist with the attention to shape, movement, execution, and artistry of an inspired dancer and choreographer.  This happy combination of skills enriches her classes and makes them more than mere exercise workouts. 

Her classes are logical, lucid, balanced, and effective.  It has been a pleasure to work with her.

--Eric  N. 
Former dancer for the Martha Graham Dance Co. 
Adjunct Instructor, University of New Mexico


Quality instruction is Somos Pilates...I am currently the Fitness Program Director at CNM. I train and teach students how to become quality fitness professionals and instructors. Therefore, my standards when it comes to fitness instruction are high.

Blythe is a true Kinesiologist. Her understanding of the body, how it works, how it moves and adjusts, is just the beginning of what she has to offer. Every instructor at Somos Pilates is outstanding. The focus of every class is on safe, effective, and efficient movements that help build overall strength, while realigning the body to provide balance and stability. 

The small personal sized group classes provide a comfortable environment in which every student feels the instructors attention. You have no choice but to focus on the 'here and now' when you are in a Somos class. This helps us escape from our busy minds and lives for an hour to simply stop, move and breathe. You will leave every class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated from a great workout.​

I have lived here in Albuquerque for over 7 years and have truly found a diamond in the rough with Somos Pilates studio. And I would encourage anyone who seeks quality Pilates instruction to check out Somos today! 

Thank you Blythe for bringing Somos to Albuquerque. You have touched so many lives. Please continue to grow and continue to provide this community with your expert level of instruction. 

--Vanessa M., PhD
CNM Fitness Program Director
School of Health, Wellness and Public Safety

I have taken class from Blythe for over a year and will continue to take classes from her. Blythe has a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body.  She breaks down and explains the exercises so the class knows exactly what muscle groups are being targeted. 

Blythe and Somos Pilates changed my life and put me back on the right track.  After an injury, and 5 years of chronic pain, I was beginning to believe I would never reach my full potential as a dancer.  In the past, no amount of stretching made a lasting difference. Then Blythe taught me how to achieve correct body alignment!  After working with Blythe for 2 months, I am nearly pain free, and have more facility then I've had since my teen years...more than 25 years ago.

--Donne L.
Tap Dancer


The Bodhi Suspension System, as taught at Somos Pilates, is a well-designed system of movement that focuses on alignment, flexibility, balance and endurance.  After mastering the basics, the student progresses through increasingly challenging movements and repetitions.  This proves an excellent way to measure one's progress.

I have had two total hip replacements and Bodhi has helped to increase the strength of the muscles that surround the hip area.  I am a senior and the balance issue is important to all of us.  I experienced improvement after the first two lessons.   An added plus is that, in my class, we all have a good time.

​--Suzanne Gutterson
Certified Pilates Instructor


I've been taking Pilates classes from Blythe and Somos Pilates for more than 5 years.  The programs Blythe provides are fun and also physically challenging; as my fitness improves, the difficulty of the workouts increases.  

Blythe is very sensitive to each student's physical issues at every class and directs that hour's workout to the student's specific needs that day.  If something hurts, we work to correct it and at the same time avoid adding to the injury.  If something is tight, we work on additional stretching on that area of the body.  

Pilates' stretching and strengthening is my way of counteracting my very sedentary job, something I should have done years ago.  I frequently tell Blythe and my friends that Pilates has saved my life because of the fitness and overall health improvements I've gained from doing Pilates workouts twice a week.

Since Blythe recently added the Bohdi Suspension System, I've replaced one of my two workouts with Bohdi.  I love it!  I am building strength and endurance in so many muscle groups, including my core, and especially in the upper arms which need so much toning at my age (over 50).  I can now wear sleeveless tops and I feel so strong!

--Terri G.
Software Engineer 


Blythe Kanis is an exceptional Pilates instructor.  She has helped me overcome a serious hamstring injury during the four weeks attending her class.  Blythe showed consistent energy and composure through every class and would energize an occasionally lackluster session. 

I am a two time All-American D1 athelete and I know I have gained strength in muscles that previously did not exist in my body. Blythe has helped  me heal my broken body and has lead me and others down a path to a more healthy  and flexible lifestyle.

--Lucas R.
Senior Tight End 
University of New Mexico Football Team

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