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Class Schedule

Both in-person as well as live instruction virtual classes over Zoom are offered weekly. Current classes are listed below. 

Please inquire about specific classes and prices via our contact form, email inquiry to or text on WhatsApp +1 505 270 7751.

Live Virtual Classes

Live Instruction classes over Zoom are offered weekly.


Mixed Level Classical Pilates Mat 

       1700 GMT+1     

       11:00 am ET

         9:00 am MT


Stretch and Restore  

       1500 GMT+1     

        9:00 am ET

        7:00 am MT


Intermediate Stability Ball  

       1700 GMT+1     

       11:00 am ET

         9:00 am MT

NOTE: Time zone information is indicated as GMT+1 for Greenwich Mean Time plus one,  ET for Eastern Time, and MT for Mountain Time.  

In-Person Classes

Tuesday and Thursday

Pilates Mixed Level Mat  


In-person classes are held in Bologna, Italy at a location on Via de' Griffoni.  Specific location will be shared with class members.

Inquire for specific place and time as there is some variability. 

         Email  or

         Text via WhatsApp  +1 505 270 7751

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